Cleaning Old Tools Out of the Garden Shed

Artist name: Rita Murtagh
Description: Photograph. I had to clean out the tool shed of tools no longer used and as I did that I propped them against the old door leading into the tool shed . When I looked outside I saw all these poor retired tools that have served their purpose in their time.
Cleaning Old Tools Out of the Garden Shed

Comments and reviews of “Cleaning Old Tools Out of the Garden Shed

  • Craig Petreikis says:

    “The light and shadows you captured in this photograph have me questioning whether I am looking at a photograph or painting, in a way that hooks me into the piece and makes me consider every subtle detail–the rust on the shovels, the worn wood of the handles, the age of the shed, the brilliance of the green grass. I appreciate the respect you show in this portrait of some well-loved retired tools.” Judge #4

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