End of Summer

Artist name: Margaret Reich
Description: This is a poem I wrote a couple of years ago.

End of Summer
The weather turns cool
And you know it’s someone’s
Quiet way of telling you
The party’s over.
Like a host turning out a few lights
Or responding “um-hm” without
Introducing a new topic of conversation.

The momentum slows down.
The guests in the garden look frayed, tired,
Like they’ve stayed a little too long.
The light’s angle has shifted imperceptibly and softened,
No longer blaring and wearing us down with its weight.

Our friends the trees are no longer the same.
Without a word of explanation,
They are changing color,
Withdrawing from us.
Some have even turned dry and brittle,
No longer recognizable as friends.

Slowly we realize it’s over.
The guests have departed.
The senseless buzzing of the latecomers, the locusts,
And the monotonous scraping of their less hysterical cousins, the crickets,
Have subsided into silence.
Life seems to have nothing more to say.
We are left to contemplate
What was.

Peg Reich

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