Molly (A Puppy Stuck in Time)

Artist name: Alexandra Lim
Description: The first one is Molly(A Puppy Stuck in Time) which is a 9"x12" Tempera painting of my Golden Doodle who has never changed despite now being over 14 years old- essentially she has always been a puppy at heart.
Molly (A Puppy Stuck in Time)

One thought on “Molly (A Puppy Stuck in Time)

  • Craig Petreikis says:

    “Alexandra, you captured an impressive range of textures in this painting, particularly between the dog’s soft fur, the smooth stair balusters, and the expressive woodgrain. The beautiful foreshortening of the dog from snout to paws and the glimmer of light in her eye and nostril really bring the viewer right up to her face and create an intimate moment with this sweet dog. ” Judge #4

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