Mother’s Soliloquy

Artist name: David Walsh
Description: Poem

Mother’s Soliloquy
I do not just grieve your death.

You lay in unfamiliar clothes,
face more mannequin than memory,
this flowered scene a jarring contrast
against the police report’s dire violence.

I bear you in pain.

The ache of separation lingered
long after you left home,
your choices were not mine.
Our daggers, insults, and tears
trailed through our gaping fissure.

I fear the past.

Loss happened long before this moment.
Years stretched as fences between us,
untraveled paths and phone lines,
calendars and clocks as excuses,
meals unshared, redemption unspoken.

I can’t sweep away time.

Dirt will not cover your soul,
the lasting element of your life
that I carry as weight of our loss,
a reminder to grasp the living.

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