Rustlers Promenade

Artist name: Charity Buckbee
Description: The idea behind Rustlers Promenade was started after hearing a violinist play a tune at the Troy's Farmer's Market. This is where Charity Buckbee, co-owner of Dirty Sweater Productions LLC, wanted to created a western style short film set to music.

0 thoughts on “Rustlers Promenade

  • Craig Petreikis says:

    Judge #5 wrote “Each frame was well thought out. The storyline is charming as well and the music adds to the drama. “

  • Craig Petreikis says:

    Judge #9 wrote “Fantastic fusion of music, theater, dance, and costume to bring a simple story to life in a whimsical and nostalgic way. Loved the creative voice that I saw and heard right away!”

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