Art to Music: Beethoven’s Greatest Hits

Artist name: Karen Zimmers
Description: “Art to Music: Beethoven’s Greatest Hits” Mixed Media - 12” X 16” plus frame I created this image while listening to a series of Beethoven’s compositions. My eyes were closed during the process until the final completion process.
Art to Music: Beethoven’s Greatest Hits

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  • ? I am very interested in Art History and earned my Masters’s in Art History (M.A>) at BU two years ago. Whoever painted this picture expresses the musicality and hand strokes in various directions but the composition presents as a whole. The geometric vector from bottom left to the upper right is creative and allows for the imagination to wander on it and wonder about it – in terms of their own sense of identity. I am fond of the squiggles and paint-like brush strokes in yellow with lend to the balance of color and please the eyes. Well done.

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