Comments and reviews of “Clover Goes to a New Home and Makes a Friend

  • Craig Petreikis says:

    Judge #2 Comments- I love the humor in this one! I thought it was really funny how the cat describes a forever home and the aside noting chickens don’t think about anything for long. In the order I’m reading, this is the third Clover story I’ve read. I’m thinking about the parenthetical explanations of Good Morning’s name and wondering if that could be developed into a first story of the series, using some of the material from this one. For example, “Clover Goes to a New Home” might focus on her “place before,” journey to her forever home, meeting Good Morning, discovering her name and how she got it. Then “Clover Makes a Friend” could be a separate story focused on meeting Flamingo and winning over the other chickens. (This isn’t a critique – only a suggestion!)

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