Dear Agony

Artist name: Si-On
Description: A poem about

What makes you think it’s okay to make fun of me?
I did nothing to you.
You get real mad when you think I’m being rude.
But i’m crazy when I confront you about this madness called bullying you portray on me.

What makes you think it’s okay to laugh at me?
It gets annoying after awhile.
You act like no one can hear.
But after a minute that’s all anyone can.

What makes you think it’s okay to lie to me?
To tell me I’m pretty then lie behind my back.
Hidden behind this act you are creating,
The messed up truth is begging to get out.

What makes you think it’s okay to call me names?
And not the ones from elementary days.
I know you have a truck mouth.
But save that drama for your mama cause no one else gives a crap.

What makes you think it’s okay to take my things?
I hate to say it but you’re a thief.
Not only to my heart that connects to my now crap filled head,
But my thoughts about the good times before you pushed right in.

What makes you think that I’m alright?
I portray myself as a strong independent woman,
Who can let go of the past as fast as a snap,
But inside I’m tearing myself apart,
Skin ripping from my body with blood separating from my veins.

But why should I care?
You clearly don’t.
This must be new information for you.
Well wake up because,
I won’t ever let the picture of my internal torture ever leave your weak mind.

This New Information
Has been the death of me,
And will be the pain in you.

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