Dream Boy

Artist name: Si-On
Description: It would be nice to have a boyfriend. At 18yr old, that's all I want.

Snow white crystals cover your purified skin
My soft sweet lips peck upon your chin.
Thick black curls swim through out your face
Your smooth gentle hands cover my cheeks with grace.
Laying upon you like a light weight feather
Our love doesn’t need to go any faster.
My uncovered legs twist between your thighs
The fresh organic ocean fills your shimmering eyes.
We kiss again and again with ease
Can you hold me so peacefully for ever please?
I fall asleep upon your chest
You whisper in my ear that I’m the best.
You scratch my back while I hold you tight
Our future is looking pretty bright.
Hours go by and nothing has changed
Our desire for more doesn’t really range.
I love you and you love me.
If only this was for real…

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