My Beautiful Broken Boy

Artist name: Si-On
Description: This is a broken poem which means it rhymes then it doesn't. To show honest pain not just in the wording but the style as well.

My dear lover
You contain damaged emotions
That swim throughout the purified ocean
Boxes upon boxes of crushed hopes
Tangled within sinful ropes
Crash upon the waves of your busted voice
But listen to me cause you have a choice
Even with your cracked shipment of past memories
Sinking to the bottom of the dreadful ocean called Loss
You have someone out there looking for you
A woman who was split from your hold
She misses your lovely crystallized skin
And the freckle spotted on your smooth soft chin
She desires the meaningful kisses with honest love
But are now shared within notes flown by doves
So please come back home to me
For my agony can become free
I want your grip between my lips
And your hold from my lonely hips
Kyle don’t loose sight
I want my beautiful broken boy back!


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