Artist name: John Hand
Description: U18-Marker and Ink on paper 7”x9”, I like the colors in this one.

0 thoughts on “Red

  • Craig Petreikis says:

    Judge #12 Comments- Viewing this horizontally rather than vertically is interesting.
    In the way back of our eyes there are these things called rods and cones. They wiggle and that allows us to see color. Some people have more rods and cones and they see color more precisely, others have less and they see less of a difference between colors. Some people have no rods and cones, and they don’t see color at all. I’m bringing this up because I encourage the artist to consider the science behind color in his drawing.
    Color is the way light reflects off an object. Everything moves at a wavelength the speed of the wavelength- how close the peaks of those are, determines what color we see. And is why some colors look better next to each other.

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